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Chronicle Two


Matthew was the last passenger on the last ferry out of the Victoria terminal to Salt Spring on the Monday night sailing. As soon as he cut the motor, the barrier went down, the engines revved, and the ferry pushed away from the dock and out into the main channel. The super ferry to Vancouver had just left ahead of them, lights ablaze, looking like a cruise ship on its way to Alaska, instead of just a ferry on a one hour and thirty-five minute trip, across Georgia Strait, to Vancouver. The dark bulk of Salt Spring's Mount Tuam loomed ahead in the fading light. The little Island ferry sloshed and rolled in the wake of the super ferry, then steadied itself for the thirty minute trip to Fulford Harbour.

Matthew breathed deeply. It was always a rush to leave the office, near Victoria's centre, to beat the worst of the rush hour crawl into the suburbs, and to make it to the ferry terminal in time. At night, after a late meeting, it was critical...the last sailing left at 9:05. He didn't go up to the passenger deck this time, not feeling like meeting anyone he knew on-Island...sometimes he needed this space of travelling time to come down to himself, to let the city fall from him...he wanted to be calm, not irritable or jumbled in his thoughts, when he met Kate.

The commute was not the best thing, but they had agreed to try hadn't been possible for both of them to quit their city jobs...the mortgage would have been impossible to swing without his city salary. He loved the house they had found, with Li Read's help...five acres, a barn, a timber-peg cottage with a pond just beyond the deck...and Li had helped them to find financing to swing had taken five months, but finally they had lucked out, and found exactly what they wanted, and for a price they could afford to pay...Li had just kept in touch with them, and kept looking out for a property to suit their wish list.

The lights of the ferry dock at Fulford, the coffee shop beyond it still open, came into view as the ferry left the main channel and began its run down Fulford Harbour. Matthew loved this arrival at Salt Spring's "south end", and the drive up the Fulford Valley towards Ganges Village. No matter what kind of a day he'd had, or what kind of a mood he was in, the peace of the Island settled onto him, soothing and whispering him into contentment...Matthew loved the Island, loved it as much as Kate...Kate...he smiled at the thought of her; he wondered if she had finished laying out the perimeter of the garden. She had figured out, with lots of chewing at the end of a pencil, how to save even more money...they would grow all their own food, and she would learn to can the produce for next winter. Never mind that she had never gardened before...she would learn...he followed the sparse line of cars off the ferry and up the winding hill out of Fulford Village.

Kate was crazy, but he adored her...even if she never grew a thing, he would adore her...what he really loved, though, was her enthusiasm...her latest plan was to sell her still ungrown vegetables at the Saturday morning market...Kate was full of plans. He smiled again, tapping his hand on the steering wheel in time to the jazz riff playing on the Seattle jazz radio station, and turned off the main road, climbing away from the sea to the mountain valley they now called home. Kate had set a candle in the window to welcome him back...his heart lightened...Kate was right. Salt Spring was a magical place....


To be continued....

Do Matthew and Kate become sheep farmers? Does Matthew quit his job and stay home with their new baby? Does Kate become a famous weaver, selling her weavings in Vancouver gift stores? Do they start a home schooling network on the Internet?....

Suggestions welcome! email me your ideas

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