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Real Estate Network

Disclaimer : All sites in the Real Estate Network are external sites over which Li Read has no control. Li Read is not responsible for their content or any aspect of their operations.

As of August 2012 : Given the aftermath of the 2008 economic crisis, and its effects on the real estate sector, many real estate sites have disappeared. Therefore, I am restarting the Real Estate Network from scratch. If you are a real estate site, and have a link to, please contact me about beginning or renewing a link exchange. There were over 1000 links, and it was impractical to verify each link. Thank you!

Preferred Text for Link to :
Salt Spring Island Real Estate & Southern Gulf Islands real estate, British Columbia, Canada.

Links listed by URL.

  • : Perhaps the premier website for luxury real estate from around the World.
  • : Website with links to real estate sites throughout Canada and the United States.

  • Contact Li Read at Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring), 4 - 105 Rainbow Road, Salt Spring Island, BC, V8K 2V5; Direct Tel: 1-250-537-7647