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Salt Spring Island Real Estate

A Ferry Trip to Fulford Harbour on Salt Spring Island
from Swartz Bay, Vancouver Island

Ferry Trip to Fulford Harbour
The ferry berth at Swartz Bay.
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Ferry Trip to Fulford Harbour
Cars are loaded on Ferry ready for 35 minute trip.
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Feature Property, click for info.
Ferry Trip to Fulford Harbour
Pass out of Swartz Bay, Knapp Island on right, Piers Island on the far left.
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Ferry Trip to Fulford Harbour
Fulford Harbour just outside the pass from Swartz Bay
Skywater Acres
Skywater Acres, Salt Spring Island
Discover World Class Acreages on Salt Spring Island!
Ferry Trip to Fulford Harbour
Fulford Harbour, the big guy is Mount Maxwell, a landmark for boaters
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  • Ferry Trip to Fulford Harbour
    Village of Fulford in distance. Half the trip is spent in Fulford Harbour.
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    Ferry Trip to Fulford Harbour
    First sighting of the ferry terminal in Fulford Harbour.
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    Ferry Trip to Fulford Harbour
    Closer view of Fulford Village.

    The Salish Sea

    Salish Sea is the name of a large area of coastal waters off the coast of British Columbia and the State of Washington.

    The Salish Sea includes the Southern Gulf Islands, the San Juan Islands, Juan de Fuca Strait, the Strait of Georgia and Puget Sound.

    The name doesn't replace any of the existing official names. The name Salish Sea is used to indicate the entire area. The name comes from the language of the First Nations groups that originally occupied the area.

    The Salish Sea name was originally suggested by Bert Webber, a retired professor of environmental and marine science at Western Washington University.

    The name has been recognized by British Columbia, the Geographical Names Board of Canada, the Washington State Geographical Names Board and the U.S. Board on Geographic Names.

    Ferry Trip to Fulford Harbour
    Almost waiting to leave Salt Spring Island.
    Ferry Trip to Fulford Harbour
    We are at Fulford, that is the ferry ramp. Better get back to the car.

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    The Fulford Ferry
    Salt Spring Island's Fulford Ferry

    Contact Li Read at Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring), 4 - 105 Rainbow Road, Salt Spring Island, BC, V8K 2V5; Direct Tel: 1-250-537-7647