Salt Spring Island Real Estate

Salt Spring Island Real Estate

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Li Read's Salt Spring Island Office in Ganges

Sea To Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring)
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#4 - 105 Rainbow Road,
Salt Spring Island, BC,
Canada, V8K 2V5

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Salt Spring Island

Did you know?

Ganges, Salt Spring Island
Salt Spring Island is the largest and best serviced of the Southern Gulf Islands.

Gulf Islands Secondary School
Three elementary schools, a middle school, a state-of-the-art senior school...a hospital and good medical services...all amenities for a pleasing 21st Century lifestyle are available.

Long Harbour - Tsawwassen Ferry
Three different ferries service Salt Spring: Vancouver (Tsswassan) to Long Harbour, Victoria (Swartz Bay) to Fulford Harbour, and Crofton (mid-Vancouver Island) to Vesuvius. Regular year round schedules ensure easy access to Vancouver Island communities (including to Victoria) and to Vancouver. Day trips are easy to enjoy.

Signs for Salt Spring Island seaplane services
Regular year round floatplane services also offer excellent access to Salt Spring (Harbour Air, Seair). Quick access opportunities to downtown Vancouver (25 minute flight) and to Vancouver Airport (12 minute flight).

ArtSpring, Salt Spring Island's performing arts centre
An authentic artists colony, an environmentally protected region (Islands Trust), a foodie paradise (vineyards, olive grove, orchards, farms), an emphasis on alternative wellness models...please call me for more details.

Salt Spring Island is a very interesting place to call "home".

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Li Read

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Li Read's office roadside sign Are you seeking a Salt Spring Island or Southern Gulf Islands property? Welcome to my world! Successfully connecting buyers with sellers, since 1989, I look forward to bringing my knowledge (of both inventory and of market trends), my expertise (managing broker licence), and my negotiating experience (am a full-time realtor) to your benefit. Your success is my motivation. There are always opportunities available. How may I help you to locate and to buy your special Salt Spring Island/Gulf Island property? I look forward to meeting you.

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