Salt Spring Island Real Estate

Salt Spring Island Real Estate

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Salt Spring Island

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Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island was first named Admiral Island (circa 1858) by Captain Richards, after his superior officer Rear Admiral Baynes. The local residents of the time insisted on calling it Salt Spring, because of the saline springs that occur on the island.

Salt Spring Island was originally a hunting territory for the Cowichan and Saanich Indians. The first non-native settlers arrived around 1857.

Salt Spring Island, at 193.5 sq km, is the largest of the Gulf Islands. The Island's population has grown to 10,234, according to the 2011 Census.

Fulford Ferry in Fulford Harbour
Salt Spring Island is the only Gulf Island with more then one ferry port. Ferries from Tsawwassen arrive at Long Harbour. Ferries from Swartz Bay arrive at Fulford Harbour. Salt Spring Island also enjoys a unique third ferry route from Vesuvuis on Salt Spring to the town of Crofton on Vancouver Island.

Seaplanes docked in Ganges Harbour
There is regularly scheduled float plane service to & from downtown Vancouver to Ganges Harbour, and also to & from the "south terminal" of the Vancouver International Airport to Ganges Harbour.

Once on Island, Salt Spring Island offers a public bus service between Ganges and the three ferry terminals on the island. Prefer a taxi? Amber Cab: 250-537-3277 or Silver Shadow Taxi: 250-537-3030 You can also rent a car or scooter: 250-537-3122.

Ganges, Salt Spring Island
The main commercial centre for Salt Spring Island is the Town of Ganges. The are also various commercial ventures in the Village of Fulford.

Salt Spring Island has its own hospital, high school, middle school, 3 elementary schools, and a modern public library.

Salt Spring has its own flag, and also has its own currency, which is accepted as legal tender for shopping & services on Salt Spring Island.

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