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Salt Spring Island FAQ

The Gulf Islands are all part of the overall Islands Trust. This is a provincial government body, created in 1974, to “preserve and protect the environmental beauty of the Gulf Islands, for the benefit of all B.C. residents”.

Mt Baker
This preservation has been accomplished by strict zoning / density bylaws that basically prohibit growth. All zonings were put in place in 1974, and it’s not possible to change the overall Trust documents. Each Island has some small item that would apply to only that Island, but the Gulf Islands are, in their entirety, protected areas. Thus, they will always remain as we see them today.

Owl Island Beach
The Gulf Islands are not municipalities. Two trustees are elected per Island, at the civic election time in B.C. For Salt Spring, there is also a CRD (Capital Regional District) director elected at the civic election time. This elected representative sits on the CRD council in Victoria, but there are several jurisdictions around that CRD table, and Salt Spring is often not “seen”. This is why I tease a bit, and say that I think the Island is run by volunteers.

Ganges Harbour, Salt Spring Island
Volunteers do fundraising, and have created many of the things Salt Spring enjoys: ArtSpring (the theatre and gallery space in Ganges Village), the Library (on McPhillips Ave), the indoor pool (on Rainbow Road), the pathways that we see so people do not have to walk on the busy roads, plus the Island Natural Growers, the Pathways group, the fact that the salmon are all now spawning on the creeks and in the lakes on Salt Spring, the trail at Duck Creek Walk, etc…all of these initiatives were started by volunteers.

Ocean View
Three ferries service Salt Spring Island and all of them “overnight” on Salt Spring. One ferry goes from Fulford Harbour to Swartz Bay, the terminal for Victoria. Another goes from Vesuvius to Crofton, which puts one into mid-Vancouver Island and those neighbouring communities. The third goes from Long Harbour to Tsswassan, the terminal from Vancouver. If one decides to go the Tsswassan to Swartz route, and to then connect to Fulford that way, then a transfer ticket is given at the Tsswassan end. One just has to tell the attendant in the ticket wicket, that one’s destination is Fulford Harbour.

Fulford Ferry For those coming from Vancouver’s North Shore (West Van, North Van, etc), then it’s easy to catch the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay, on Vancouver Island, and then drive south on the Island Highway, to catch the ferry from Crofton to Vesuvius. Just depends on one’s departure area, as to which route to take.

There are also floatplanes with regular sked flights that service Salt Spring Island. Salt Spring Air has recently been purchased by Harbour Air. It’s approximately a 25 minute flight from Ganges Village to downtown Vancouver. Or, approximately a 12 minute flight from Ganges to Vancouver Airport. I believe there are soon going to be 12 flights a day (currently, are six). Two new ferries are being built that will be in service on the Tsswassan to Long Harbour route, and this means more frequent sailings to Salt Spring.

Seaplane ad sign
Salt Spring has a year round lifestyle. It is not just a seasonal/recreational/summer place. There is a good hospital on the Island, plus extensive health/wellness services, both alternative and traditional medicine options. There are three elementary schools, a middle school , and a senior school. Salt Spring is well known as an artist colony, and there are several excellent galleries in Ganges Village, plus many studios dotted around the Island, where artists welcome visitors. Painters, potters, fabric artists, wood workers, sculptors, ceramic artists…many artistic offerings are here. From mid-June to mid-September, Mahon Hall in Ganges Village showcases artists at the annual ArtCraft.

Boats in Marina
There are apparently over 100 writers who make Salt Spring their home. Plus, actors, dancers, singers, and musicians. ArtSpring showcases both artistic offerings/theatre/music from around the world, and also the gifted “locals”…not originally from Salt Spring, but now living here. The “foodie” revolution is alive and well on Salt Spring, with many people doing sustainable farming…farmers market on Tuesdays, plus Saturday Market offers their crops…plus roadside stands where people buy and make their own change…it’s all on the honour system.

Oceanfront coffee spot
There are many health/wellness practitioners on Salt Spring…both traditional and alternative. It seems that Salt Spring is known as a “healing Island”. There is a Buddhist monastery at the top of Mt Tuam. There is an Ayurvedic Centre on Blackburn Road (Salt Spring Centre). Many smaller venues offering yoga retreats, etc., are available. There are two marinas in Ganges Harbour (Salt Spring Marina and Ganges Marina), plus the Salt Spring Sailing Club (at bottom of Douglas Road, which goes off Beddis Road close to the Village). Plus a Vancouver Yacht Club outstation in Long Harbour and a Victoria Yacht Club outstation also in Long Harbour.

Fulford Farm
Real estate markets go up and down, as do all market cycles. On Salt Spring, though, there will always be a limited inventory of properties for sale. Back in 1974, the Islands Trust capped growth. One cannot change those original bylaws. Over time, they have become even more narrowly interpreted by the various elected trustees. The mandate, remember, is “to preserve and protect”. Thus, Ganges Village cannot expand its zoned boundaries. The tiny bit of commercial at Fulford cannot expand. Even tinier at Fernwood Dock and at Vesuvius, with no expansion.

Grape Vines
Thus, one Hotel and one Motel, nine resorts, and eight townhome developments…and that’s it. Commercial/retail is confined to Ganges Village (seaside and “upper”). Mouat’s store offers a Home Hardware outlet, plus imports furniture, soft furnishings, etc, and they will order in whatever is wanted by the customer. One might call this a Salt Spring version of a department store. They also offer a gift location (Salty Shop) and a clothing store (Mouat’s Clothing). There are two major grocery stores (Country Grocer in the Upper Village and Thrifty’s in seaside Ganges). A smaller grocery store is Harbour Low-Cost, in Ganges Village.

Rowboat on lake
There are some very good restaurants on Salt Spring: Hastings House offers fine dining (they have a bistro as well as a main dining room), and Piccolo’s in Ganges Village would be their competition for fine dining. There’s also Auntie Pesto’s in Grace Point Square, and Salt Spring Inn (in Ganges Village), plus Rock Salt in Fulford Village, and Seaside in Vesuvius. Treehouse is a tiny space, but also has a good kitchen. The places for breakfast/lunch/”snacks”-coffees: Barb’s Bakery, Salt Spring Roasting Company, TJ Beans, Café Talia, Fernwood Café, Jana’s Bakery, Brigitte’s French Bakery (across from Moby’s at Salt Spring Marina), plus Treehouse, Auntie Pesto’s. Take-out: Mexican food at the food truck beside Ganges Marina, the Italian take-out (Pasta Fresca)…all pasta and sauces made in-house…located in Harbour Centre next to Centennial Park. Plus: Salt Spring Inn for take-out, too.

BC Ferry
Please call, anytime, re any questions or comments. I am always quickly available.


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