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Lots & Acreages

"The doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his client to plant vines" --- Frank Lloyd Wright

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    Ocean Glimpses Lot $155,800 Budget 2.76 Acres $179,000 Channel Ridge Oceanview $309,000
    Seaview Acreage Next to Park $369,000 Oceanview Half Acre $369,000 Ocean Viewscape Acreage $393,000
    Walk to Ganges Acreage $399,000 Skywater Acres World-Class Acreages, Spectacular Views Oceanfront Maracaibo Land $479,000
    Narrows West Oceanview Special $549,000 Narrows West Ocean Vistas $549,000 Narrows West Exceptional Oceanview $549,000
    Ready for your Architect $558,000 Walk-on Beachfront $599,000 2.23 Acres near Town $649,000
    Fulford Valley Treasure $665,000 Secluded Oceanfront Acreage $679,000 Delightful Sunny Semi-Oceanfront $699,000
    Nature's Oceanfront Acreage $775,000 Sansum Narrows Sanctuary $789,000 Narrows West Magical Oceanfront $995,000
    Huge Potential Oceanview $998,000 Narrows West Superb Oceanfront $1,095,000 Narrows West Oceanfront Perch $1,295,000
    Narrows West Lowbank Oceanfront $1,395,000 74+ Acre Skywater Seaview $1,440,000 Narrows West Oceanfront 4+ Acres $1,495,000
    Dramatic View Acreage with Superb Auxiliary Building $1,600,000 Owl Island $1,880,000 Narrows West Oceanfront Privacy $2,495,000
    Ganges Oceanview Farmland $3,320,000
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    Can You Legally Sell That Owner-Built Home?

    "Before a property owner builds their own home, or substantially reconstructs their own home, they must apply for an Owner Builder Authorization from the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO). Then, they must occupy their home themselves for the first year following construction. During that year, the home can't be sold or rented. After the first year, and for the next ten years, any prospective buyers must receive an Owner Builder Disclosure Notice - whether they are buying the home from the owner-builder, or from subsequent owners. Before listing a property or before assisting a client to make an offer on a property, as a licensee, you have a responsibility to take appropriate steps to ensure that a home can be legally sold. Owner-builders who sell homes before the one year occupancy period has ended, or who don't provide the Owner Builder Disclosure Notice to buyers, can face legal proceedings under the Homeowner Protection Act. And licensees could face an investigation and potential discipline for not acting in the best interests of their clients."
    (Real Estate Council of BC)

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