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Valdes Island

Valdes is at the Northern end of what is generally considered the Southern Gulf Islands. It lies across Porlier Pass from Galiano Island.

Valdes Island is named after Commander Cayentano Valdez of the Spanish Navy vessel Mexicana, who explored the region in the 1790's.

A third of the island is a First Nations territory, belonging to the Lyackson Tribe. There is a tiny community on the north shore called Starvation Bay. There is no ferry service.

Wakes Cove Provincial Park

In June 2002, Wakes Cove Provincial Park was created on Valdes Island. The property is within the heavily settled coastal Douglas fir ecosystem and contains a stand of old growth as well as arbutus trees, Garry oaks and endangered plant species. It supplies a sheltered anchorage in the north end of the Southern Gulf Islands and offers hiking trails, picnicking, wildlife viewing and overnight camping for kayakers and other visitors in small boats.

The park is named after a retired British naval Captain Baldwin Wake. Captain Wake acquired the land in 1876, and his family continued to own it up to the late 1920's. Captain Wake died while sailing his sloop. His body was never found, but remains of his boat and belongings did wash up on Thetis Island.

The British Columbia Government purchased the 132 hectare property at Wakes Cove for $4.12 million, with $100,000 coming from the recreational boating community. The new provincial park includes another 73 hectares of Crown foreshore on Valdes Island.

Map of Valdes Island
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Map of Valdes Island

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