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Hudson Island

Hudson Island Hudson Island is located beside Thetis Island, and Penelakut Island. Hudson is about 31 acres in size, about 14 acres is common property.

I am unable to verify the origin of Hudson Island's name, but my theory is it is named for the Hudson Bay Company. Their officers were active in the area and did name Reid Island. Seems reasonable that they would name an island after the Company at some point.

A resident of the US island Anderson emailed me with an alternate theory. She was watching the Antique Roadshow, where the appraiser was inspecting a hand written journal kept by a crewmate of the Peacock of the US South Sea Surveying Exploring Expedition. The captain of the Peacock was a Commander William Hudson, Esquire. In the journal, it reportly says that the Head of the Expedition, a Charles Wilkie, named an island after Commander William Hudson. Was it this Hudson Island? Who knows?

The South Sea Surveying Exploring Expedition was one of the largest exploring expeditions ever mounted by the US, it explored 280 islands in the pacific. Charles Wilkie lead the expedition 1838 - 1842.

I am unable to say which theory is correct, if either, I leave it to the reader to make their own decision.

Hudson has it's own 1900 ft. grass airstrip, shared among 10 property owners.

Many residents reach Hudson by taking the ferry to Thetis Island, and then going to the marina, and completing the trip in their own boat.

Map of Hudson Island
Map of Hudson Island

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