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Prevost Island

Prevost Island was named after Captain James Charles Prevost of the HMS Satellite, by Captain Richards in 1859.

Captain Prevost was appointed British Commissioner with the task of settling the boundry dispute over the ownership of the San Juan Islands, between the United States and British Columbia.

In the 1920's, an Irish nobleman from County Limerick, by the name of Digby de Burgh bought the island. He used the island to raise sheep, goats, and cattle. His son Hubert and daughter-in-law Jean eventually took over the farm, and raised four daughters, one of which became a concert pianist.

Today, a large part of the Island remains in the hands of Digby de Burgh's descendants, and they continue to farm and raise sheep.

In the 1980's, waterfront homes began to appear along the northwest side of Prevost Island. These water access only properties are highly sought after, the rare times they come on to the market.

In 1996, the Pacific Marine Heritage Legacy program bought portions of waterfront in James Bay and Selby Cove. James Bay is almost surrounded by park land and features an apple orchard, that offers fresh fruit in the fall, and a gravel beach at the bay's head called O'Reilly Beach.

James Bay and Portlock Point are now part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. There are 10 campsites & pit toilets located at James Bay.

"Map of Prevost Island"
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Prevost Island Map

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