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Salt Spring Island is famed for its artistic base...painters, fabric artists, actors, musicians, writers, potters, singers, sculptors, dancers...artistic expression is alive & well & supported by enthusiastic audiences, on this very interesting island. Enjoy!

Barb's Bakery & Bristro is a Salt Spring Island tradition! Breakfast, lunch, baked choices, here...and the breads! Mmmmm.... Discover Barb's in the Creekside development, just off McPhillips Avenue, and also with an access off Fulford-Ganges Road...easy parking, in that "middle area", too! Great deck for sunny days.

Traveling to Salt Spring Island? Some choices: via ferry, you can arrive direct from Tsswassan, Vancouver's terminal, to Long Harbour on Salt Spring. Or, come from Swartz Bay, Victoria's terminal, to Fulford Harbour on Salt Spring.

The third ferry route is from Crofton on mid-Vancouver Island to Vesuvius on Salt Spring. Check BC Ferries website for scheduling information.

Floatplanes are your choice? Salt Spring Air, Harbour Air, and SeaAir all service Salt Spring from Vancouver Airport and also from downtown these three airlines for schedules/routes information. Easy to get here!

With a microclimate (called cool Mediterranean) that supports orchards, vineyards, olive groves, veggie gardens, the delectable Gulf Islands/Salt Spring Island welcome those seeking a rural lifestyle, the ability to be me! Let me help you to discover your premier property.

Seeking that peaceful getaway? A place to catch up with yourself, a place to recharge? Enjoy the calm offered by Salt Spring Island & the Gulf Islands. Lots to be part of, and yet also an invitation to tranquility...the best of both worlds. Call me. I look forward to helping you to discover your special property.

I love what I do...helping people to experience successful real estate experiences. This is an area that offers a rich cultural opportunity, a 10K diet discovery, a peaceful retreat option, and beauty everywhere. Call me, & benefit from my full time & full service expertise...your success comes first.

Looking for the delectable dining out choice, on special Salt Spring Island? Well, of course, it's wonderful "Piccolo's"...on Hereford Avenue.

Anniversary? Birthday? Just an evening out to celebrate "you"? This is the Islander's choice for "the" night out!

Very special indeed....

Piccolo has been treating Islanders and visitors alike for 20 years, and is a favorite dinner locale...patio dining in the "season", too.

Enjoy, enjoy! Lucky us...we get to be a part of Piccolo's amazing kitchen, all year round!

Salt Spring is a part of the Vineyard Tour, that includes Vancouver Island's Cowichan Valley.

Enjoy tastings and wine lore at Garry Oak Vineyard and at Salt Spring Vineyard, both in the beautiful Fulford Valley, and also Mistaken Identity Vineyard, in the valley between Booth Bay and Ganges Harbour.

Our area mirrors the climate of the Loire Valley, in France. There are even people growing olives, now!

Ah...that "cool Mediterranean" micro-climate...lucky us!

How about a day trip to another Gulf Island? Galiano Inn is a short stroll from ferry terminal...great bookstore en route there...don't miss Montague Marina, & the nearby Montague Marine Park. If you have time, absolutely give yourself the gift of discovering Dionisio Park...what a beach! A different Island....

Still adventuring on another Gulf Island? Easy daytrips off Salt Spring. On Mayne, do not miss the amazing Japanese Memorial Garden, at Dinner Bay...inspiring! Dine at Springwater Lodge...if sunny, it's a deck experience! Great bakery/coffee shop on Mayne, too. Like Galiano, Mayne is often an Island that appeals to Vancouver people, as their Gulf Island summer/weekender retreat!

Pender Island has been recreated into two islands, North & South Pender, due to the "cut", which allows boat traffic between Bedwell Harbour & Browning Harbour...a bridge links the two island entities. Poet's Cove, formerly the Bedwell Harbour Resort, offers a great retreat space with fine dining choices. The pub at Port Browning is a yesteryear experience. Driftwood Mall hosts a great bakery/coffee shop & also a sushi opportunity! Lots to enjoy on Pender...don't miss Hope Bay & also look out for the antiques/collectibles gem on the road to Port Washington. Did I say there was a golf course?

On that Gulf Islands daytrip excursion, there's also Saturna Island...yes, it's "out there", and it holds the flavour of the Gulf Islands of "yesteryear". The Saturna Vineyard is a "must see"...not much "commercial" on Saturna, & it's mainly centred around Lyall Harbour, where the ferry and the floatplane arrives. A different Island....

Thetis Island is a rural/pastoral experience. Ferry goes from "old towne" Chemainus. Shopping takes place off island, so this gem requires some planning, for year round living. Very beautiful! Worth the off season planning? Yes, I would say!

Like to beachcomb? Enjoy yourself on Salt Spring's gentle "east side". One can walk from Walker's Hook to Southey Point, when the tide is low...sand, sea, sand dollars, a space to launch a boat from, and all of Trincomali's beauty stretching before one!

Stand on Fernwood Dock, when the tide is high, and be mesmerized by the current of water flowing through, and the salmon floating in the eddies. A "west coast" experience, here...enjoy!

Contact Li Read at Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring), 4 - 105 Rainbow Road, Salt Spring Island, BC, V8K 2V5; Direct Tel: 1-250-537-7647