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Islands Trust

The Southern Gulf Islands are protected by a Provincial Government body known as The Islands Trust. The Island Trust came into being in the mid-1970s, with a "preserve & protect" mandate. All zonings were put in place, at that time, and density / growth controls are very strict, so each Gulf Island is capped concerning growth.

There is a core of bylaws, governing each Gulf Island, with specific bylaws, reflecting each individual Island.

Salt Spring Island was always designated, by the Trust, as the Island to have the amenities : banks, hospital, most shops & services, etc. All three ferries that service the Salt Spring Island begin and end their daily schedules on Salt Spring Island.

Ask at the Trust office for the bylaws of the Salt Spring Island Community Plan, plus the Development Permit Area regulations.

Each island elects two trustees. On the Penders, as the Islands are seen politically as two entities, have four trustees. Pender Island's Trust, unlike that on Salt Spring Island, does allow for fractional ownership choices.

The outcome is the preservation of uniquely beautiful islands.

Salt Spring Island office tel: 1-250-537-9144, fax: 1-250-537-9116, web:

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