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Glossary of Terms


  • Acre : An acre is the most commonly used measurement unit for property size in British Columbia.
    Unit Translation :

    1 acre = 4840 sq. yards = 0.405 hectares = 4046.24 sq. metres = 43560 sq. feet
    2.471 acres = 1 hectare = 10,000 sq. metres
    640 acres = 1 sq. mile = 259 hectares = 2.59 sq. km


  • CRD : "Capital Regional District" - A level of provincial government in British Columbia.


  • Foreshore Lease : When you buy waterfront property, you only own up to the high water mark. Everything from the high water mark on out is considered public domain. However you can get a Foreshore Lease which would enable you to build a dock or have a mooring buoy (Subject to other government approvals).


  • GPM : "Gallons per Minute" is an unit of measurement to gauge flow rate from a water source such as a well.
    Gallon Unit Translation :

    1 British gallon = 4 quarts = 4.546 litres
    1 American gallon = 4 quarts =3.785 litres

  • GST : "Goods & Services Tax" - The GST is a federal Value Added Tax (VAT) currently at 5% which is applied to most goods and services in Canada. GST is payable on an real estate agent's commission.


  • Open Plan : This term applies to the kitchen or the dining room. If a house is built with an open plan design, the kitchen and/or dining room, along with the living room, is one large area with the individual subareas defined by the placement of furniture and counters. In a Close Plan Design the kitchen and/or dining room are separate rooms.


  • Pending : Offer has been made on property. Offer has been accepted. All subjects have been removed. Awaiting closing date. Technically, the property is not yet sold.


  • Schubart, Hank: Mr Schubart studied with Frank Lloyd Wright, and appreciated the same "organic" & natural qualities in design issues. Schubart moved to Salt Spring Island in the 1960s, and quickly built a good reputation for innovative "west coast" design. Most people would agree that he had a genius for siting a home on its property. Schubart died in 1998, and his homes are in demand.

  • Semi-LakeFront : means that there is a public road between the main house and the LakeFront.

  • Semi-OceanFront : means that there is a public road between the main house and the OceanFront.

  • Semi-WaterFront : means that there is a public road between the main house and the WaterFront.

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