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Japanese Memorial Garden

Mayne Island was a stop-over during the Gold Rush era of the late 19th Century (Miner's Bay!), and was one of the first Gulf Islands to be settled. A vibrant Japanese community was also on Mayne Island.

Recently, in commemoration of the families who lived and worked on Mayne, the Japanese Memorial Garden was created, at Dinner Bay, on Mayne Island.

It is a very peaceful space...pleasing forest walk between giant cedar and fir stands arrives at the distinctive gate. Through the gate, pathways meander along a pond, over bridges with running water/small waterfall, with seating to ponder the viewscapes, carefully nurtured, the entire garden privately enfolded with Japanese style fencing. Rhododendrons, tulips, star magnolia trees, ground cover in purple and white and pink flowers,,,early Spring, and serenity everywhere.

If you find yourself on Mayne Island, do not miss this treasure!


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