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Covid-19 Information related to Salt Spring Island

October 2021.

The vaccine passports are required for inside dining at restaurants, concerts, sporting events, etc. A list of places where it is required or not required can be found on this BC Government site: Vaccine Proof

Single dose will work until October 23rd. Then both doses of vaccine will be required and the QR code on your smart phone will be necessary. Again, check the government site for full information.

The vaccine passport will be required into January...and the requirement could be extended. Covid outbreaks continue.

Check the government site for continuing updates.

The border on Canadian side is open to fully vaccinated travelers. The border on the U.S. side remains closed until late November.

August/September, 2021.

Throughout early August, covid outbreaks were on the rise in B.C. The Delta variant had also arrived. The Health jurisdiction strongly encouraged vaccinations.

On August 26, masks once again became mandatory. On September 13, it will also be mandatory to show proof of a first vaccination and by September 24, it will be mandatory to show proof of a second vaccination. A vaccine passport, thus, in B.C.

The concern is that the hospitals/health system in B.C. could be compromised if inundated with covid patients.

Nowhere is “safe”...even small apart areas saw an increase in cases during August.

Social distancing, good hygiene (frequent hand washing), and wearing of masks remain prudent reactions. Being vaccinated is important.

These measures will continue to make it difficult for restaurants and small businesses to survive. If more stringent closures are put in place, it will create still more hardships. So important to get vaccinated and to practice the hygiene measures.

Mid-July Update:

July is seeing significant reopenings.

Vaccinations (both first and second doses) are strongly underway.

The federal and provincial governments are now suggesting reopening the U.S.-Canada border in mid-August, to fully vaccinated U.S. travelers.

This will allow, if so, U.S. property owners in Canada to visit their homes...most have not seen their Canadian properties since Fall, 2019.

It will also allow vaccinated Canadian “snowbirds” to make plans to visit their sunbelt holiday properties.

Some businesses have not been able to hold out and have permanently closed. Others are still working to survive. In secondary home areas, that “shop local” mantra is essential.

Good hygiene remains important. There are still covid variants out distancing and hand washing remain prudent things to do.

Some events are now taking place and others remain online or are closed for a second season.

Maybe that’s the “new normal” for the next few months...a mix of shut-down and re-open.

We need to remain aware and at the same time need to have the confidence to go forward. Nothing happens in a vacuum.

August promises further re-openings, including international travel restrictions being lifted. Stay tuned....

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