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Covid-19 Information related to Salt Spring Island


In the summer season, restaurants and coffee stops created outdoor seating or relied on take-out. The weather allowed this social distancing option. Social distanced interiors and take-out might allow the dining options to survive the winter season.

Accommodations choices continued strong cleaning/sanitizing measures, and many were busy.

It seemed, then, that tourism from B.C. and Alberta (could drive here) was a feature of Salt Spring, Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island economic outcomes, between July and early October. The border remains closed and so U.S. travelers are not here.

Large gatherings have been prohibited as the second wave of covid appears.

The schools did re-open, and with protocols in place many businesses also re-opened in that same September period.

The government is again considering shut-downs, if cases continue to spike.

It is recognized that closures create issues, too.

It is now recommended that 3 thickness masks should be worn in all interior spaces. Some areas (B.C. Ferries, grocery stores, etc) make it a policy. The social distancing, hand washing, and mask wearing continue to be important. The government is asking people to keep their groups small...a family & six others create allowed personal bubbles.

Loved seasonal events are cancelled, due to prohibition on large gatherings.

That said, it is perhaps more important than ever that we pay attention to family traditions and that we create spheres of light, for those passing, to enjoy. We need to be little billboards of brightness for those neighbours around us.


It is now mandatory to wear masks on B.C. Ferries (unless remain in your car).

Many grocery stores and retail outlets now require masks to be worn.

Restaurants are offering indoor screens between fixed interior seating, so that social distancing can be the weather changes into Fall/Winter, the outdoor patio seating will no longer work.

Large group gatherings are prohibited and Canadians are being encouraged by federal and provincial governments to forego large family get-togethers at Thanksgiving, in mid-October.

Covid protocols were in place over the summer, to allow for smaller versions of the Tuesday Farmers Market and the Saturday Market.

Most events enjoyed in the Fall season (Fall Fair, Sip & Savour, Apple Fest, Christmas on Salt Spring, major craft fairs) were cancelled or reconfigured as virtual events. Meetings of groups and AGMs were online.

Businesses, restaurants, accommodations continue their strict sanitizing measures, and their covid protocols re numbers inside, at any one time.

Schools are open again, locally.

As flu and cold season arrive, at same time as a resurgence in covid, the message remains: wash hands frequently, wear a mask, social distance, keep your contacts small, stay home if not feeling well.

Salt Spring is vigilant about the requirements.

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